GCA Hootworthy

Student Starts Hootworthy STEM Business

July 27, 2021 Georgia Cyber Academy Season 1 Episode 2
GCA Hootworthy
Student Starts Hootworthy STEM Business
Show Notes

Alaina is a rising 6th grader at Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA). This was her first year with GCA, and attending here has already made quite an impact on her! She is now an entrepreneur thanks to some inspiration she received while completing a science project that was assigned by her teacher Mr. Anderson. With the help of her mom, she launched her ideas into her own business: STEM Powered Kits.

Alaina says she wants to encourage thinking, learning, and tinkering. She came up with the name "STEM Powered Kits" because the acronym STEM is recognizable worldwide, and the kits challenge the maker to use science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to build the product. The GCA science assignment that inspired her business venture was creating an electric circuit. Alaina wanted to do a video instead of a slideshow or a diagram, so she recorded a video of herself demonstrating how to put one together.  After mom watched the video, she was so impressed by Alaina's voice and teaching ability that she thought this could be a great way for Alaina to use her talent; thus, the idea for STEM Powered Kits was born.

Alaina’s business is a product (STEM item) and a service (video tutorial) that ranges from elementary to high school ages. She sells boxes that include all the pieces one would need to build the item, instructions, and a link to a video tutorial on Alaina’s YouTube page demonstrating how to put the item together. She shared that her best seller is the solar powered race car, but she also has a wind powered car, lemon battery, and balloon car to name a few. They are always looking to add more products, and at the time of the interview, they had 14 items.

The business has been open for roughly 2 months and has already gained interest from others. To name a few, she has interviewed with The Creative Coast and WTOC, and partnered with Decatur Makers—a virtual stem program for girls, supplying their program and teaching some classes. She is grateful for GCA and how this all came about from an assignment, and she hopes to inspire the next set of innovators with her business.

She mentioned she enjoys going to GCA, and one of her favorite parts is not having to get up early to catch the bus. Please see the information below on how to connect with Alaina on social media and visit her business to pick up one of your Stem Powered Kits today!

Social media: @StemPoweredKits

Website: www.stempoweredkits.com

Discount code for GCA: GCAFAM15

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