GCA Hootworthy

Student Earns 3rd Place at Hootworthy 4H State Congress Competition!

October 26, 2023 Georgia Cyber Academy Season 3 Episode 3
GCA Hootworthy
Student Earns 3rd Place at Hootworthy 4H State Congress Competition!
Show Notes

On the latest episode of Hootworthy, we had the pleasure of hosting Shawna, a 2023 graduate of GCA, who achieved 3rd place at the 4-H State Congress competition during the summer. In our conversation, we explored the world of 4-H youth clubs and the valuable experiences they offer. These clubs delve into a wide array of subjects, from STEM to healthy living and leadership, providing numerous opportunities for young learners to compete and engage in exciting activities.

Shawna's journey into the 4-H world was unique. Typically starting
in the 5th grade, she managed to get involved earlier due to her older
brother's participation, often attending meetings with him. Her initial
motivation for joining 4-H was to find social opportunities, as she confessed
to being a bit shy in her earlier days. 4-H played a pivotal role in helping
her overcome her shyness, connect with people, and build lasting friendships.
One of her most cherished experiences was as a teen leader at Rock Eagle.

While Shawna's journey through 4-H brought her numerous life
lessons, one of the most valuable was the art of public speaking. In fact, many
of the 4-H competitions she participated in revolved around public speaking
opportunities, which reinforced her communication skills and boosted her

The 4-H State Congress competition, where Shawna achieved 3rd
place, is no small feat to reach. Participants typically need to win at
sweepstakes or place at district competition to earn their spot. Shawna's
ticket to the State Congress was her 2nd place victory at district competition.
For this competition, Shawna showcased her crochet skills while presenting her
beautiful, crocheted figurines. The competition itself took place in a hotel
and spanned several days.

During her journey, she practiced her speech with a friend on the
first night, then faced a panel of judges on the second day, answering their
questions and delivering her presentation. The competition ended on a high note
with a silent disco, where everyone, winners, and participants alike, danced
the night away with headphones on. Winners were announced at the end of the
night, and to Shawna’s excitement, she heard her name ringing out as the 3rd
place winner, a well-deserved recognition of her talent and hard work.

As we wrapped up our conversation, Shawna reflected on her time as
a GCA student. She highlighted the unique privilege of attending school in the
comfort of her own home, often in her pajamas—a freedom that made her academic
journey more enjoyable. Shawna also expressed her deep appreciation for the
teachers who supported her. In addition, she gave a heartfelt shoutout to her
mentors in Polk County 4-H, Williams and Ridgeway, who encouraged her to
explore her potential and discover her passion for crochet. This was the
beginning of her road to the State Congress, a journey that she'll cherish for
a lifetime. Stay hootworthy, Shawna!