GCA Hootworthy

Student Wins Hootworthy Investment Competition

October 27, 2022 Georgia Cyber Academy Season 2 Episode 3
GCA Hootworthy
Student Wins Hootworthy Investment Competition
Show Notes

We get to interview many Hootworthy Champions at Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA), and our latest student is no exception! Xavier, an 11th grader at GCA who has attended since the 6th grade, won first place at the Wells Fargo Junior Investment
National Competition awarding him 1,500 dollars! Xavier highlighted that
winning the competition taught him that if he puts in the work and limits
distractions, he can accomplish anything.  

The competition was in partnership with a national organization he
is involved in, the 100 Black Men of America. Xavier shared that the
organization teaches many things to youth like life skills, etiquette, and how
to succeed in the real world. 

He explained the details of the contest that led to his victory.
Contestants started with 100,000 virtual dollars and had seven weeks to make as
much virtual money as possible in the stock market. He had to use investing
principles of buying low and selling high to maximize his investments. He took
a less risky, more moderate approach that ultimately led to his success and
ended the contest with 110,000 dollars, making 10,000 virtual dollars in just
seven weeks!  

The contest culminated in an all-expense paid trip to Hollywood,
Florida this past June where he stayed in a five-star hotel, ate fantastic
food, and connected with new people. It was Xavier’s first time flying, but he
mentioned he wasn’t scared at all. Mentors and mentees attended the trip, as
well as parents. What Xavier loved most about the competition was getting to
travel. He loves going places and meeting new people. He wanted to shout out
his family (especially his mom), all the people who have supported him, GCA,
and the 100 Black Men of America organization. 

Keep soaring, Xavier!